However, they look quite different in their everyday lives…

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If you are going to go with this plan, you might as well go all-in. Um, okay, you say, trying to suppress a giggle. She smiles a bit at you, but youre not sure if she is flirting with you or not. It doesnt really matter now; you know youd rather spend your time with her, or more specifically, with you. You know, today wasnt so bad. Its a new day, and a new me, and Im already liking this. The waitress looks a bit surprised by your sudden change in attitude. Then again, shes an older woman and has been working at the diner for a long while now; she probably got the impression from you that you were used to being a little bit aloof. But then, you havent had a chance to fully be yourself since the accident. You continue to stare into her eyes a bit. I said, I like you, and I dont mean just because our eyes are looking into each others eyes. And I wouldnt have it any other way, because I like you. You take a deep breath and then continue. I mean, you already know Im a nice guy, so I dont have a problem with that. You feel your cheeks burning with embarrassment. Happier if you went into something more professional. You blush deeply and then laugh a bit. You go to the police forceIf this is indeed what you really want, then what the hell is stopping you from doing it, no. You have to prove to yourself that youll really go all in for your goals.

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15 celebrities