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Youve been reading all the books written on how to hire celebrities for corporate events, and as much as you appreciate great food and beautiful girls, no amount of money can justify your time, even if they were real stars. The next few you decide to see are written on how to woo celebrities. You think theyre going to be more of a hassle and more difficult to pull off than the first few, but they also say you must use your charm. The next book is specifically for artists, but you dont quite know what to expect, as this is a fairly lengthy page, from page 45 to page 70 or so, with a lot of text. You remember reading a few things at school, but maybe youll read all this before you ever get to the point where you have to actually pay a celebrity. The book has pictures of a lot of different kinds of people in varying poses and places, and you skim through it, not really caring about what youre looking at, you just want to get to the end of it, since this is the last one on what youre looking for. The last several pages are just another boring advertisement for your companyevent, like the other ones. Youre bored, so you turn to a different part of the book. The last few pages are all pictures of girls. Lots and lots of pictures of girls, including some not considered very pretty. Theres a lot of talking about the different body types, including some that arent even portrayed realistically. Some of the girls are clearly models, and the book says theyre from all sorts of different companies, or industries, ranging from a travel company to a beauty supply company to a clothing company. Youve also listed what kind of event these people are being used for and what its for, so you can see if theyre going to fit in better than someone a little more familiar. And heres the first one, the one with the really pretty blonde girl. She seems to be a model or model scout for your company. Well, not really, but youre not that hard on yourself. At least, youre sure thats whats going on. You look over at the list of activities again, and figure out that you only have another couple of hours before youre supposed to meet with the singer or musician.

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