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How could I get my hair just the way I have it. Because, you just need to get out of the house and move about, you need to get out and do stuff. Its best if you do this in a place like a park, or a street full of people, or a jungle full of monkeys, and not in the house you live in now. With those words, Tina takes your hand and leads you to the couch. The next task: Clean yourself upI want you to strip, Tina says. And dont worry, Ill leave your room clean. Tina then takes off her sweater and begins to help you unbutton your pants. She then stands by your couch as she helps you scrub off your body. She says she can help with your hair, but you dont feel comfortable with that so you just go straight to the task of washing the soap off your skin. By the time you finish washing off, your skin feels soft and your hair is back to normal. You should have enough soap in your room for several loads of laundry. You take the bar of soap, which you think is an odd thing to do, but you have no choice. You next task: Clean yourself upYou can start.

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how to get shiny hair like celebrities