How do celebrities get such white teeth

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We do not own any of this content. And its only been in the news in the past few days for all the wrong reasons. A new, unnamed and yet apparently common reaction to this powerful, inexpensive white product from China may be the cause of celebrities getting white teeth, or whitening creams causing mouth pain and ulcers, or even death, the FDA said in a warning letter to the company Monday. The FDA sent the company a warning letter and asked it to stop making the whitening cream pending an investigation of its safety. Whitening products are controversial because they promise to make teeth whiter. Though the products are not FDA-approved, they are sold like unapproved drugs and can be hazardous if swallowed or inhaled. Whitening teeth is a bit like being born with two ears and one mouth: it is possible, but not a guarantee. But some people believe whitening creams can cause increased sensitivity of the gums and throat. If the whitening cream causes a mild allergic reaction, it could be the same as if a person had allergies to milk or chicken, said Dr. Peter Cunliffe, chair of the board of the American Dental Association. Whitening creams may also cause ulcers. Ulcers are lesions of the upper or lower digestive tract with symptoms such as pain, bleeding, crusting and itching that are caused by a chemical or microbial reaction. Ulcers may have no symptoms, and in some cases they may not develop until a long time after the eruption. I dont think ulcers are going to be a huge problem, Cunliffe said. If they have to go to the emergency room and get treated, its going to cost them a lot of money. Whitening creams can also be harmful to the mouth if swallowed or inhaled, he added. But I really dont believe that this one has caused an emergency room visit or anything like that, he said. People should ask their doctors about using whitening creams, he said. Whitening products are only a minority of products that the FDA regulates, which includes over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and drugs, according to the agency. The FDA issued a warning letter to the manufacturer of Whitestrips and Dr. Dennis Werner, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The letter cited the agencys current evaluation of Whitestri.

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how do celebrities get such white teeth