Hours ago – Top politicians, celebrities and sportspeople have been infected as governments take strict …

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You are infected by a virus which you do not know the name of. S happened in the past few hours at least. As you do not know what the hell happened, you ask a person if they know anything about it, but they say no one does and the place is a madhouse now. Re still able to move it enough to look up at the person who just shot you. S very muscular and built on top of being very skinny. S probably just starving right now. When you try to crawl away, he shoots you in the head and you fall to the ground. Re still conscious, but you can barely move your leg. A moment later, you hear a second gunshot in your back. You try to raise your weapon and fire again, and the first shot hits your hand. Your life force is draining from your arm. You crawl back to the bar where the bartender is trying to hide.

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