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Ve been keeping my sex life to myself. So if you want to keep it to yourself, go right ahead.

Youre all essentially the same characters only with new voices. Is it a case of you being a little bit more original. Its interesting because weve had this for a while, and one of the reasons why we havent done these movies is because it was so exhausting to do the same thing over and over. But now that were sort of at a point where its like, Lets do this stuff again, so lets just go with our instincts, I think everyone is able to step up and do different stuff. Im sure you, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Rachel McKee will all get some love on the new Ghostbusters: Whats the new series about. Its funny, I had lunch with Dan Aykroyd just last week and weve been getting advice on how to do it from each other and hes been like, Are you guys going to play it nice or are you going to really make jokes. And you know what, I think its more important to make us all laugh. So I think were all going to be making a lot of jokes. And I said, Yeah, I kind of like that idea because I think its more fun when were all throwing shit at each other. I was like, Well we have a new group and we have to be a little more laid back, so I think we should go in that direction. I was like, Im just saying we should tone down the intensity. When you guys were cast, what were the first words out of your mouths. Leslie and I were just like, Lets do it. I dont remember all the specifics, but I remember we all just started going through the lines. When we were reading them again a couple hours later and talking about them in the car, we just found that we were riffing on how the movie felt different in tone than the other movies we had done. When we wrote a few notes, we were like, Lets be really funny and really make people laugh. And I always thought the original idea was, when the lights came on and you were in those suits and you got to take a.

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