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Theyre on the cover of The New Girl right now. I heard they were making their real acting careers as of yet. They also made their names as models when they were younger before their acting careers took off. Anyway, theyre both in porn and are extremely popular, Im guessing youll be seeing more of them now. Anyway, they were both on an episode of The Simple Life together. I dont think youre getting any of them from me for free, because theyre really popular stars and that cant be cheap. You accept the offerYoure an idiot if you accept that deal. You know hes an asshole, but even still, thats a lot of money. You follow him and enter a building that looks like a typical office building. The two women, Victoria and Kelly are inside the building, discussing something. You wonder what theyre discussing, but your ears are still hearing the noise of the city outside. They dont look at you, but you see Kelly smiling. When she sees you, she raises her hand to you, causing you to back up. You try to explain youre visiting someone who was in the city and found them in a dangerous situation, but Kelly doesnt want to hear it. Youre not just a friend of the victims, youre a fucking rescuer. Youre the best thing thats happened to us. As shes saying all this, she turns her gaze to Victoria, but she gives her a small smile, also expressing what she knows. Im just grateful I didnt have to experience what you did, that you know. You attempt to speak while trying to remain calm, but Kelly isnt going to let you talk.

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hottest lesbian celebrities