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You you know the truthI have no idea about the truth. You deserve to know everything, and you get to do what you want with it, but youre not my father. So tell me, did you ever know another boy like you. My God, I want you to tell me. You do nothingYou take the money and leave the hotel room as fast as you can in one of your limousines. You are running as fast as you feel is possible, but the tears are flowing freely, your heart is aching, and yet you have no time for it. You are running in the dark, the road winding through small towns and into small villages, past churches and in and around abandoned houses. You are not afraid, but your heart races and you try to keep calm, trying to remember that you have always been an outlier in the vast world of the ordinary; that your life had always been an exception. You will be remembered as a man who chose a dangerous life; that your family is now the only one that matters. You drive to the hotelYou arrive at the hotel quickly, and you leave the money on the table for whoever may come in later on. Your heart feels like it has stopped all at once. You drive back to the hotel, your palms cold, the adrenaline coursing through your veins. The next day, you come home and find your mother waiting for you in the lobby.

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hottest female celebrities 2018