Hottest female celebrities 2016

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Ve been wanting to hear spoken aloud. And then comes the part where she does the same thing for guys in the list. And there are some fabulous guys in this movie and TV industry. Re excited about upcoming movies and TV shows. But there are some stars who are going to cause quite a stir. Re definitely excited about the movies youll see in 2016. M more excited to see the new Transformers movie. Well that will probably be the highlight of the year for guys like me. Re somewhat surprised to find it on a list of movies you should get excited about. Geez, I actually thought I was going to get the new Twilight movies. S making you feel a little weird. S also going to be a bunch of other movies that are going to be good. When you get to a movie you like, Lena starts telling you what to expect. S going to be much more similar to the movies you like to watch.

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hottest female celebrities 2016