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In this area, if you dont know any and wanna learn, you can also use the search function to find more content and more people for more specific interests. The city is trying to do what it can to keep the homeless from setting up camp in the vacant public toilets on the beach and at the park, but so far the number of complaints arent going down as hoped. Photo: RNZ Claire Eastham-FarrellyA group of people who have used the toilets say that is exactly why they are calling for the mayor to open them up to the public. In an open letter to the mayor, the group said public toilets were necessary after people complained about the existing ones. It said the city had a plan to make them more accessible and more accessible they have been. The City are putting in new public toilets and removing the toilet paper dispensers. This is great but it is only going to be temporary as it will be too expensive to keep having to tear these things down. The City is now trying to remove the plastic covers that prevent people from urinating in the bushes outside the toilets. So far this has been a failure for people who need to urinate badly as they cant get their waste away from the bushes. The City needs to be helping people like you out with public toilet access. The group says the city needs to provide more places to sleepI understand it is not really in the hands of the city, but I would like to ask if it doesnt occur to the City to make more places that are safe for homeless people like a nice big public hostel, or some place to sleep, because it seems like the city should be taking the lead here not just leaving it to the Salvation Army to do. The city said there had been complaints about the toilets but no-one was sleeping in them yet. The public toilets have not been a problem for public health. These have been used by the homeless for several months, so there has been no increase in the use of these facilities. These are the same public toilets weve put in which has made them a more comfortable and less messy place to urinate and poop. In the aftermath of the recent bombings in Brussels, it has been suggested that the Islamic State is deliberately creating and fostering conflict in Syria. The Islamic State is an extreme and brutal group that clearly is intent on creating chaos, but I also believe that the United States and the West have a great deal of responsibility for creating that chaos. The Islamic State has been doing its best to attract and radicalize Western citizens. I am not arguing that it is the only factor here, nor am I arguing that Western citizens are necessarily being drawn to it in equal parts of.

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