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At the time I was going through a bad breakup and this was one of the things I looked forward to the most after my breakup. I would look forward to seeing all the stars in bikinis. A few years later when I found myself single again, this is what I thought about when I saw all the celebrities in bikinis. If you are single again, this is what you should look forward to when you see all the celebrities in bikinis. You say realizing you never stopped looking at them on your phone. You quickly get dressed and make your way to the beach. Re pretty sure this is what you were going to do when you were going out on dates, but you never did it this way. When you get to the shore line several celebrities are walking on the shoreline holding their cell phones. You are confused for a moment before you remember this is about to go on national television, so you better be on top of this. You make eye contact with most of the celebrities and they start smiling at you since you look so excited to be out here. The celebrities begin to say certain things in unison. Re in the middle of a photo opportunity for a National Geographic show. Re just really enjoying the weather right now. M here to have fun, look out for my friend. You go over to the celebrities and start making out with them.

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hottest celebrities in bikinis