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AP RockyWith his big booty, he is probably one of the sexiest men on Earth, besides he is famous for doing flips in between b. S and his sexiest movie is called Flipper, so why not mention it. Ice CubeHe has the best part of his body in both movies Bad Boys and The Predator. Chris CornellHe was the lead singer of the long lasting band Soundgarden and died in 2012, he was a very popular singer for many years. Michael RapaportHe is a famous comedian and was in the movies The Jerk, 2004, and White Chicks, 20135. Ice CubeHe is well-known for his action roles in Lethal Weapon, and from then on he was known as Cube. WopasThey can be spotted in the movies Bamboozled, 1995, and Get Smart, 19997. Bobby RapsHe has the most amount of movies featuring him being the lead actor including the movies 2 Fast 2 Furious, The Fast and the Furious, The Heat, and The Chronicles of Riddick. Michael RapaportIn the movies The Good Son, The Whole Nine Yards, The Last Boyscout, The Lego Movie, The House, 2002 and the movie The Revenant, 20159. Kevin HartHe starred in the movies Meet the Browns, 2006 Get Hard, 1999 and In the Heart of the Sea, 2013, 10. JB SmooveHe was the lead singer and singer in the band The Smoove Brothers in the movie Who You Selling For. Wanda SykesShe was the lead singer of the band The Sykes Brothers in the movie The Break-Up, 1992, 12. Chris RockHe is a comedian and in the movies Death Race, 2008 Chasing Life, 2007 and Tropic Thunder, 201413. Ice CubeHe is in the movies Amerazord, Lethal Weapon, and Born to Be Black14. Chris TuckerHe starred in the movies You Only Live Twice, White Men Cant Jump, The Whole Nine Yards, Tropic Thunder, and Army of Darkness. Ice THe made the movies Kickboxer, Bloodsport, The Predator, and White Fang. Bobby RapsHe is a famous comedian and was in the movies The Jerk, 2004, and White Chicks, 2013Image credit: Wikimedia CommonsYou can view and print this guide at the following locations:In addition, copies of this guide are available in your Regional.

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hottest black male celebrities