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You want to join the Pirates of the CaribbeanSo, what brings you to the worlds greatest show of piracy. You turn around and see a man in a blue and gold uniform. He is dressed in a suit similar to the one your mother wore, which is a bit on the large side. You arent sure of the suits name, but you assume its a Pirates uniform. My names Jack Sparrow, You say. I just came here to join a ship called the Flying Dutchman. Weve had several ships called the Flying Dutchman. Its a pirate term meaning the ship should never be attacked. Usually its the captain that designs it, as this ship had a name of sorts before I took command. As you finish telling him about yourself, you realize that he doesnt seem to know much about you, or the other characters on the boat. My crew is composed of several of the greatest pirates in history. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions, he says. His gruff accent was actually quite pleasant to you before, though now he seems like one of the sailors one would see aboard a vessel. Im talking about Gorgons, werewolves and those other mythical beasts you had nightmares about. Im talking about those terrible mermaids with tails of flames. You, you mustve been a real bastard to me, to have been cursed by the Gods, cursed to be able to spawn monsters like this. You say My name is Jack Sparrow. I said you had a bounty placed on you by the Kingdom of Crete. You were the one responsible for sinking their ship. They captured you, and they wanted you dead or alive. They didnt want to pay the bounty, though the captain did. They had already paid you the amount of silver they needed to release you. So you thought, you were going to go free as a free man. You refuse to be a killerYes, Im going free to be a privateer. Im a man of the sea, doing a job a man.

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