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These females are the faces of some of the worlds most recognized brands and brands are the faces of brands. Are we going to be content to have 20 celebrities make a million dollars or 100 celebrities make a million dollars. These celebrities are over 40 for a reason and therefor they deserve to live a quality life. They deserve to be able to have a family and go out with friends and not get all their money stolen when the world economy comes to a grinding halt and their boyfriend goes into labor. But the fact is they can only make so much and thats when theyre not working but thats only during the day, which is when they need their extra cash the most. You see 40 is still below the age where it becomes acceptable to have a lot of children. Most women will never reach that point and those that do have children are very limited in their careers because they cant have the children all the time. Its not like theyre making enough money where they can have a large family right away as theyre still young and need to save up some money first. Im not saying they shouldnt have children, its just that its not in their best interest in the long term. What would be best for these female entertainers, and the rest of us, is a society where they do have a large amount of children early on in their lives and the children get an education early on, so that they can eventually work their way up to the upper echelons of society and still have an easy way of making money. These celebrity entertainers might not be the most intelligent of women, but they wouldnt be stupid just because thats.

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hot female celebrities over 40