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Kelsey Stout and Her Boyfriend are Just Just Somebody Youve Never Met. You sigh and then continue to the bathroom, where you feel like you need to clean up after something like this, just to sort of get over the whole ordeal a little. You decide to stay in your room and you head to your bed. You then start to think about how your brother didnt even bring up the subject of you having sex with him. You then start to wonder how much you trust him because he seemed nice enough to you. Your thoughts of how much you trust him is interrupted when you hear a loud noise coming from outside. The sound of a truck crashing through your garage door, with your brother getting out of it and running towards his truck yelling, Call the cops. You sigh and head into your bedroom, and you get under your duvet to wait for whatever happens. You then hear the door slam, and the sound of a couple of gunshots followed by several yelling voices coming from outside. You look outside the window and see several cops with rifles outside. You then hear something that sounds like more shots fired and you hear people running in different directions. You stand up and then you hear your door slam, and then you hear footsteps coming towards you. You then see your brother holding a shotgun in each hand and then you hear some more gunshots being fired, and then the door to your room begins to be blown off its hinges. You run outside to warn your brother that he needs to turn the truck aroundYou grab your brothers shotgun from him, and run outside to get your cell phone. You make several calls asking your contacts to send you more manpower, and also to send someone who speaks Spanish. After several minutes, you finally get someone on the line who speaks Spanish, it takes a while for him to get to you as the other ones are still coming to help, but finally he gets to you. He says that hell be able to get someone to help him get in the back door of your truck as soon as you tell him whats going on. This is probably your last chance to do something about this, unless you tell your brother to stall all this nonsense and go pick his up. You decide to just wait a little longer before picking up the phone since you just dont want to deal with this right now, you need to calm down first. You go with your brother to get you a rideYou sigh and head outside to pick up your brother. After picking you up he says that hell be fine driving the truck, but you need to go call the police and make sure that theyre safe.

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