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Find funny GIFs, Cute GIFs, Reaction GIFs and more. And now the GIF obsession has spread beyond the world of animation and into your home. And Ive been staring at pictures of your dog in your photos for so long, I was nearly sick. He looks at your friend like he found out that you were watching a porn movie at your desk. You say, I didnt realize you were a dog-lover. Can you show me these GIFs. OK, well Im done, you say, Im done looking at my dogs picture on your screen. At this point, you decide to take your friend aside. No, but I hate this, you say, I cant stand the fact that every time Im like, looking at a picture of your dog, hes getting fucked or having a threesome or something. Well, he replies, you could move to Canada or something. Well, you could move to Canada, or New Zealand, or South America. Look, Im willing to make you a deal, you say, Ill go somewhere else to get my GIFs; if not, you should come and live with me. Do you want to get married to me. Do you think we could get married just by watching GIFs together on our phones. What a fucking weirdo, he says, I hate you. Come on, man, you know you love me. Yeah, I really love you, but this is stupid.

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