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Lets look back at some of the best celebrity bikini moments of all time. T have fucked up your sister like that. You want to feel good about yourself right. You go back to the beginning and erase your stupid choice that caused pain and sorrow for your family. Mary laughs a bit at that remark and continues to speak. Okay, well can I ask you something. Have you ever thought about the fact that maybe I might have feelings for you.

You take the trip to the partyAs youre getting dressed to get ready for the trip to the party, you remember that you still havent told anyone else. You could either keep your secret and take the chance of not having any friends or you could break your promise. Well, I guess you should have the chance to be friends with everyone, you should have your moment to talk to everyone after the party. Lets go, Ill make sure to give you a good time. You continueAfter arriving at the party, you walk through the crowds towards the place where you see your friends who all seem to have arrived at the party. You walk up to them and ask them where was the party and you expect them to just tell you but they dont. You notice them watching you and then you notice that theyre all staring at your ass. Stop staring at me, Im a girl, you say and then you proceed to continue walking and try to ignore the stares. Eventually you get to the place at which point you see the girls having fun. You walk up and talk to the girls for a little while and try your best to make the night one where nobody is talking behind your back. You find that its actually pretty easy since your actions dont seem to bother anyone. Eventually the party ends and you all go back to your place where you drink a lot and spend the night talking and laughing, a good night out. The Day AfterThe next day you wake up feeling really good. You feel like youve gained a lot of energy and a new found confidence. You try to call your friends but get no answer and after looking elsewhere you see a nearby park and walk there with your sister. As soon as you walk into the park, you see dozens of people all dressed in their finery talking quietly to each other. You walk up and see a group of guys who have gathered to watch some sort of rock concert. Hey, lets go, theres a free concert at noon. You grab your sister and you head towards the music. You at the ConcertYou arrive to the concert just as the doors open and your sister follows you. You find yourself in front of a large stage where all the famous rock stars are performing. A huge screen is set up to show the concert on. Wow, I never thought Id be in front of a screen showing all that were seeing on the concert stage, but it seems like the internet has finally reached a level where you could see it, you say as you look around and take in the scene. Its pretty amazing that you can actually watch the concert from here, your sister says and you both.

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