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In a recent opinion piece on the conservative website Hot Air, Glenn Beck wrote, You know who is to blame for the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. The man at the center of that tragedy was not one of those children, they the childs parents were. The man at the center of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary was Adam Lanza, a troubled 20-year-old who was determined to carry out a mass shooting. He was apparently angry at his mother for not being able to get him a rifle, and apparently became incensed that she had a magazine that could hold more than ten bullets, according to multiple reports You can find the magazine he allegedly retrieved from the womans room on the Web site of an online gun dealer in Connecticut, and in the comments section of the Web site of the Newtown Bee, the Newtown Post, and CNNs Piers Morgan Live A few days after the shooting, he allegedly went to the school and shot and killed his mother, Nancy, before carrying out the mass shooting. In response to the mass shooting, the United States Congress in January passed a bill, known as the Sandy Hook Expanded and Enhanced Gun Safety Act, which would have allowed for the sale of magazines that could hold more than ten bullets each, along with background checks on firearm buyers. Although many people agree that this law would have helped stop the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary, some of its authors, for the most part, disagree. There are some who think it was not the laws intent to do so. This is especially clear in the National Rifle Associations position, which was published in its website the day after the shootings. The NRA, in fact, argues that the legislation would have been ineffective in preventing the tragedy, and would have caused a number of unintended consequences. As the NRA points out, there are still weapons that can hold as many as 35 bullets. Further, the government, it contends, does not yet have the tools to adequately deal with the problem of criminals who loophole the background check system by buying their weapons in private channels. The gun lobby and its allies in the House and Senate have long said that, if the legislation passed, it would give the government a license to kill Even the more aggressive defenders of the law have conceded that it would have had a limited effect. As the Pew Research Center has noted, the NRA-supported bill would have created more than 80 new federal criminal and mental health crimes many of which were not specified in the bill as to which person would have been charged with them. Some of these crimes were not even authorized by a federal statute; they were.

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