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M not even buying what you just said. M talking about a really hot guy that looks like he could be the next Brad Pitt. You take a closer look at the guy and he really does have the same nose, same blue eyes and same body type as Brad Pitt. Ve just said something when he first walked in the door because you did get a bit weirded out. Ll take a seat over there I guess. You say and take a seat in the big leather booth and the guy at the next booth gets up and walks over to sit with you. When you look over at the guy he is really starting to scare you. Like he probably has a little fat in his midsection. You also see through the suit he really is just a little buzzed so he probably had a bit to drink. M John, I live up the street from you and I just moved in here a couple days ago. Re really hot, I mean really fucking hot. M just wondering, are you, or are you not really into me. John replies while taking his drink from the table. T go yet, I just want to see how this all goes down. You shake his hand and say goodbye and then he goes back to drinking. Ve been really getting on your nerves and you start looking around the booth. It really is a lot easier than you thought it would be.

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hot celebrities bodies