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Well the film bombed badly, she was never on the cover and her movies are never seen. In fact, the last film she did was about being in a cult which was also unsuccessful. Well, this just left her as a Black woman with a bit of a rap sheet for being in a bad movie and being beautiful. By 2003 when her name came up for several White movie roles, it was obvious she was getting a little too old for them. Then again, the movies hadnt started casting White people as Black people in those films yet and she was getting kind of old for the role she was given. Plus it was just a matter of her age and how much time she had to develop it. Then along came the latest movie for which she was cast. A movie like WALL-E was supposed to bring in some diversity in Hollywood. However the only thing it has come to symbolize is the fact that White actors cant act and Black people can. Now as far as Lauren is concerned, she doesnt really have any problems with it, since she doesnt mind playing the role which was originally written for a Black woman. The problem is this film was supposed to have a Black female lead. She was supposed to be played by a Black woman who was going to have to do a whole lot more than her WALL-E. So the director had to pull the lead actress out and replaced her with Lauren, but since she was younger they were going to keep her around to do the next movie in the series as the lead. But after WALL-E opened, all the other movies in the series bombed badly. Apparently the industry is still having trouble adapting to todays times. E was a box office flop and the film took a big financial hit for Universal Pictures and they werent going to be able to afford to go see it again. Not to mention that all the other films were just going to tank, too. Lauren was also upset over this because she wanted to do more with the character she was originally cast to play. And that was the last time you would see her in a movie, though it is to be hoped that she has a lot more screen time in them and they are more successful in general. For now though, she is happy just playing the Black cat in your screen door. But all this will be at an end soon, since her life has taken this path of hers and she would prefer to enjoy it the most.

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