Horse Pees on Rosanna Scotto's Stilettos During Interview

Rosanna Scotto got a special surprise from a 4-legged guest on Monday … when a horse took a leak during a live interview.

Scotto was wrapping up a segment for “Good Day New York” with Manda Kalimian and her horse Pila. Clearly unable to hold it in, Pila let loose … and splashed urine all over the ground, sending Scotto scrambling to save her stilettos.

Lucky for all involved, the Fox 5 host had a good sense of humor about it, laughing the incident off, she later wrote on Instagram, “Is it #goodluck when a #horse #pee on you? Happy #monday #horseofinstagram #peelikearacehorse”

The NY host had actually been interviewing the two about saving wild horses, in honor of National Day of the Horse on Monday.

Despite being a little wet, looks like it turned out to be a happy Monday after all!

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