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Here are 17 of her great successes that she turned homelessness into. Num-2Homeless in HollywoodHomeless In Hollywood – List of famous homeless people. A little known fact about Hollywood: more than 50 of the population is homeless at any given time. This is probably a lot higher than the actual number, because many homeless people dont want to be found out, thus most dont want to reveal the fact that they are homeless to anyone. This list of people is just a sampling from the known ones. It isnt even all famous people living on the streets at the same time. Most of these celebrities may have other places where they stay, but for some reason they choose to live on Hollywoods streets. Some homeless people are famous, but not living in Hollywood, or even not homeless at all. This is just a rough list, by no means complete nor complete enough to be a complete list of all the homeless people in Hollywood. You are walking around the city, and finally you find a place to rest in a few hours. You have been walking from the office all day, trying to make enough money to buy some food, and after paying for the bus ticket, and borrowing some money from some of your classmates you have spent the whole day on the bus. As you are walking down Sunset Blvd, you begin to hear noise coming from a side street behind the restaurant. You see several homeless people sitting on a patch of grass on a sidewalk, their feet kicked up on the ground. They are not only very comfortable there, but it is also about the nearest place where you can sit down and sleep. Not seeing anyone else nearby, but also knowing that you are very tired and would love to rest for a few hours, you decide to sit down for the time being. Unfortunately, as you are taking a seat the homeless people turn to look at you; they are staring at you, their eyes full of hatred and resentment. You hear the word faggot being yelled about you, and the most disgusting smell comes from the homeless people, like some sort of sick human excrement is stinking up the place. Then you feel a hand on your back, and a voice saying dont worry, its just part of being homeless. You have no idea what just happened, but you realize now what it means to be homeless. You head back to your dorm, exhausted and shaken by the events yesterday.

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