Hollywood is filled with curvy women who demand our collective attention, …

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This is like the first time you ever experienced The Real Thing because you are SO ENTERTAINED by the idea of being with some chick like you have never experienced before. This is what youve been craving for the past few days. The next day you try to put on a brave front and convince your sister that you are having breakfast with Chris. Shes a little skeptical until you tell her that you had a dream about it a few nights ago. You sit down and begin to recite a story that you have been telling your sister for years. Im in a dark place in my life and Im having problems that I dont have the solutions to. This isnt the life I want for myself, but Im here if you need to talk to me or if you need to talk to someone in my life. I would love to tell my own story to someone else, but as it stands right now I dont know how to continue to tell my story. So if you could all listen to this and listen to my story, Id be very grateful. Your sister listens intently to your story for about 20 or 30 minutes, and by the end of it, she is visibly looking forward to talking with you again. We need to tell everyones stories and they can then tell theirs. That is the only way to make people understand what its like to be alive. You go to your roomAs much as you would love to spend the rest of the day with Christina, or whatever it is that youre trying to impress, you need to get out of the house. You know you wouldnt have any friends here and if you went back you would not last very long. This is your life now and youre not going to change it now that you know what youre getting into.

Article about Busty celebrities

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