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But it is just a rule of thumb, as every person is different. T ever try trying to convince me inanyway topic. When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, some of us were in a euphoric daze, thinking it would be the first step in unifying the nation and saving the nation from the nefarious influence of the Democratic party. A lot of us were so happy to see that the government could finally get back to its original purpose of defending the nation from foreign and domestic threats that we forgot to be alarmed at Trump doing so. Of course we still need to be concerned because there is no doubt this man is going to implement policies that could have terrible consequences for our country. This is why it is so important to stand up to this threat:You dont need to be the president to see the problems associated with this maniac. The fact that Donald Trump is our president means the world to many people and this man has already done more to divide our world than any leader since Adolf Hitler. While we still dont know everything about the man, there is no doubt he is a danger to the world community. He is doing this for a reason, to ensure power and he is doing it to an unhealthy degree. This man is so desperate that he is doing whatever it takes not only to be elected, but to win so he can further his career. This man is only in this position to get what he wants and he is completely willing to go to great lengths to get it. The only thing we can do to stop him is to not give him the power to do so. This man has already shown he is not fit to be our president, but you don.

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celebrities showing too much