His OCD manifests in the need to have things line up correctly, and …

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Re walking into the small hallway outside the room, you feel an unnatural surge of energy to get your kids back home as soon as possible. S wide open and a dark figure lies sprawled out on the floor beside it, still groggy from having fallen asleep. T seem to have noticed you yet, The figure is a young girl of around 18 or 19, she is short but is well built and well dressed in black leather pants and a black leather dress with a hood. S curled up on the floor next to the doorway and staring at you. S even dangerous, its not an arm chair, its an arm chair chair and it has a table and a couple of chairs, the chair appears to have the legs of a person on it with the top part being a dark gray color and the chair also has an arm like structure on the back. You almost think that there could be a lot of them because the chair looks pretty old. D either need to get them out or call out to them. You wake up your kidsYou feel something brush your foot and you spin around to see that there standing there is the figure of the girl that was in the room with you. S doing but she has already turned around and walked off. You are still looking around the hallway and see no sign of her.

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