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DJ Khaled, DJ K K Khaled. Rufio: Yeah, I think we better, uh I mean I guess we best just get the hell away from this place as soon as we can. Zane is also looking around the ship, then suddenly he gets up off of his seat and starts heading towards the door. T want him to stick around any longer than he has to. Meanwhile, the door in front of you has already been opened up and the 3 of you run out of the cockpit, but not before Dave has made a few last jokes. M gonna make the ship go faster. S only going to be getting better from here. Re going to look back on this time in your life as the high point of your life. Youll never know how much you actually missed it. You wonder what the rest of your friends are doing right now. No offense, but how many of your old friends are still alive at this time. You know the names of some, but you never thought about actually meeting them in person, let alone talking to them or even seeing them. S time to make THIS the high point of your life. You are going to go out there, get drunk, and have some fun. The next day you wake up with a start, and immediately start getting.

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