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Its worth remembering the top three in the world are, arguably, the best paid. 50 million, while the rest were a close fight between Swift and then-husband Ryan Reynolds. 38 million, with no other women in the top 10. The most recent celebrity to crack the top 10, according to Forbes is actress Anne Hathaway. More from Business Insider:What is a Cash-Based LendingCash-based lending refers to a type of financing wherein a business makes its own loans instead of hiring a lender. Typically, companies with such a loan program pay their suppliers and vendors monthly amounts at the end of the month. While these loans are not as beneficial as traditional bank loans, they allow a company to manage the risk of borrowing by itself. BREAKING DOWN Cash-Based LendingCash-based lending also refers to a less-risky financing method for entrepreneurs seeking to fund capital expenditures. This type of financing may seem appealing for small businesses because if the company goes bankrupt, the debt-service payments do not exceed pre-determined amounts. With cash-based lending, the repayment schedule is usually monthly. Since businesses do not have to pay interest on their loans, cash.

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highest paid celebrities 2016