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The host then goes into the ratings and how a new show called HGTV By The Numbers: Find Out Which Stars Rule the Roost has been drawing 3. 1 million viewers per episode for their show. They then go on to talk about how this show is a hit on Monday nights and has become a favorite show with the kids. Then they talk about how the show has not failed to draw in the guys in the house. Then they talk about a show called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where a woman spends her spare time transforming homes to make them as cute as possible. When they discuss the home improvement show, they then go to a commercial and the host then comes back on saying Well be right back. Yeah and then well be watching every episode. You continueThe first half of the week goes by as expected, and you are watching episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition together with Randal who is sitting next to you. After two weeks, you have done nothing but watch these show, so you decide to do something that will bring you closer to the rest of the house. There are four of you people in the house, and you all know each other very well, so you decide to go for a movie. You have seen the most recent movie and agree that it is quite good, but Randal feels that this movie is just over produced. A few days pass into a week, and you and Randal have had enough from the movie. There are two more movies to see, and there is no point in seeing any more films because you are both tired of them. One night, you and Randal look out the window and decide that you need a change in the television show. I think well watch something else tonight. At the beginning of the movie, the movie begins to play and you start to watch. After the movie, you and Randal begin to discuss about the movie. After the movie, you and Randal have agreed that the movie has some good points and some bad points, but its all still enjoyable. Now, you all will have a few hours to yourselves to watch what you want to watch. Randal and you want to take a break, but Randal thinks that he is in the mood for television and that they are too much to sit in front of the screen, so.

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