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I guess her recent run-in with that girl from class was the tipping point. Im sure shell get another one in the future. You wait aroundYou just hope that no one steals her car. You wait around for awhile and eventually Scarlett comes walking through the door. It takes her a moment to notice you and she looks a little tired. Hey, so I guess what I need to talk to you about. She says as she goes to sit in the chair just inboard of the door and starts speaking really softly to you. Nothing, just thinking of just hanging out. You say and stand so you can get closer to Scarlett. Ill come through, I wont hold the door for you. You start walking towards the door, but Scarlett stops you right in front of it. You move in close to the chair and sit down. You dont have a license for a car do you. Well, Im heading back to England, and Ill let you know if I find her. You said youll come with me, wheres your car license. The pair of you look at it and Scarlett holds it out like a trophy.

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