Heres who continues to make a mint, even from beyond the grave…

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You and your friends spend the rest of the night just talking, laughing and getting wasted. Your group eventually decide to retire early, and head to the local taverns. You all make your way there, and decide to go buy some drinks for your group. You are all of course a little tipsy by the time you all enter the tavern, but you are all just happy to be able to talk without too much pressure. You order some of the food on the menu, and then start to order some of your own. S quite the effort, but you manage to eat most of what you ordered before the waitress arrives. You continue You are still a little tipsy when the waitress arrives and you order another round of drinks. After eating some more food you get up and leave the tavern. You head home and collapse on your couch. After a few hours of sleeping you realize that you are a little restless and decide to go check your phone. You check the news and read a few of the articles from before, just to get a feel for the situation. T see anything too bad, except for the murder rate in New York. T really surprised, but you still worry about it being worse here. You take a shower and go to your room to get some sleep. T feel like eating or getting some sleep, so you decide to check your phone again. T been much to see, aside from a car accident in Kansas City. The time has finally come to go out into the world and start your own life. Of your group breaks the rules and gets yourself killed. The other five take advantage of this by killing them one by one before they can murder you. Which is just a huge basement in some basement somewhere in the city. Life is pretty safe and boring for the next couple months.

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list of dead celebrities