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Hes even on our People Who Turned To God page. Hes also had some serious drug problems, but he has battled with drug problems before. You read an account of him where he said he was addicted to it for about a year. But he kicked his heroin addiction and said he was cured of it by reading the Bible and listening to him. The fact that hes able to still do so many of the things he does is just incredible.

An actor from the 70s that you never watched him in a movie. Actor John Frazier is a born-again Christian and he wrote his own way about Jesus. T even going to go see me be bigots on the subject. T go over too well and when you leave the club a fight breaks out between you and another fan. The next club you go to you are told you can drink on the house with a valid ID and the manager is so impressed with you, he even signs you up for a free drink. Re just going to do it so you have another thing to look forward too. You spend a few weekends in a row in different clubs, but eventually you get tired. Re on a roller coaster with no end in sight. But then, some place comes along that you never noticed was there before. The bar you drink at has the most wonderful girl and she actually looks at you instead of staring at your buddies. Re not just happy to be there, you are on cloud nine. T though since you said so yourself.

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