Heres How 95 Famous People Aged Over The Years…

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You:, sigh, That day Jessica Simpson was not to be found. However this just goes to show that you do not have to worry about your age at all. The world moves on, the things we do and how do adapt to the new times, but life does indeed go on. Now that you are done reliving those bad old times, you have a lot of great things to look forward to. Things are looking up for you and you will be fine. You may even live another 30 years and be as old as you want to be with your life. Though you dont call it your room; you call it your office. There are a few bookshelf with books and you dont mind so much, though some of the books are actually old classics and not modern ones. There is also a computer screen on the desk that you used to be able to see, but now you have to look into the book case to see it. You look over and see that your mother is taking a break from working at the computer, you call out to her that she should make herself useful. Hey Mom, do you know how to operate on the computer. Not reallyOh what about using it for something useful like drawing, writing letters or emailing. You call outNothing of the sort, I dont have any sort of computer skills at all. So why are you still spending time in here anyway. Because it is your office and I like it here, you know. You then call out to your father, who is sitting in the other chair. Dad, get up, you have work to do.

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celebrities who didn t age well