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A Look Back at 12 movie and TV stars who died in 2015. Obama led the tributes to Leonard Nimoy in February after the Star Trek actor died in Los Angeles at, Source: BollywoodLife, Sebastian Vettel: I could have won the title if not for a tyre failureSebastian Vettel says he would have beaten Lewis Hamilton if not for a tyre failure in the British Grand Prix. Hamilton was leading the race but lost front grip following a pit stop. Vettel was then asked whether he would have beaten Hamilton if he had not made the error, and said: Of course. Its important to look at how I could have been able to hold out for a long time in front of Lewis and to win the race that I did. Thats racing and its important that the car is doing what it is supposed to. Sometimes something happens and we cant do anything about it. Although he was initially unhappy at the result, Vettel went on to win the race by eight seconds from Hamilton. I think it was the right decision not to use the last set of tyres in the race and thats what we should have done, said the Ferraris world champion after the race. Vettel was also asked whether race conditions played a part in his loss of front grip, and said: We dont really know. The conditions were quite dry at times but with the track not as soft as the rest of the tyres we would have felt the lack of grip a bit more. I didnt expect to fall behind like that in a race, and I dont know where the pace has gone. And Vettel said whether he will celebrate a second world championship in a row or not, he wants to keep doing it. I dont think Ive set goals, he said. Im still quite eager from the start of the season. Im trying to enjoy the season, go fast and learn and get used to the car and be fast. I know I have to go faster, but Im also trying to be relaxed and not get too carried away. Were still learning as a team and we need to get faster. The best football players in the NHL play like theyve already been.

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