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Re just a young guy learning on the job, like any of you young guys will do. At this point you make sure to make it a point to address the camera. You dont worry about itNot worrying about it is more important than worrying about your own mortality. Ll worry about that later, now you have to figure out how to make an album. S when you start to worry that you are going to die at 27. You had already gotten over the fear of dying a long time ago. In fact you had been over it for most of your adult life before your last visit to the studio. However, since this was your first time going in to record your vocals yourself, it was still a bit unsettling for you. Look we should probably get going, I forgot my guitar, where did you put it. Well I need to go take care of some business. M really not feeling up to it anyway. M not the best at taking care of shit. Suddenly a knock on your door gets your attention. You hear her shout before slamming the door. You say to your friends who are also listening. I want to talk to you alone about your comments about Amy. That was definitely not a knock you thought it was, you have no idea what she was talking about. Hey it means nothing, no need to apologize.

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celebrities that died at 27