Heres a list of 12 of the 27 Clubs most famous members…

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Source, Marilyn Monroe was a star on the Hollywood entertainment scene during her lifetime. She was known for her striking beauty and her career skyrocketed in the 1950s. Present, source, Simmons, also known as The Fitness Freak, once starred in a reality show called The Biggest Loser. He has also released several albums since his death. 1962, source, A tragic death on both sides of the bed. 2011, source, The greatest co-creator of the modern era. He was the co-founder of Apple Computer, and the co-founder of Pixar. 1977, source, No man is an island, but thats not entirely true of the queen of England. She died at age 46 of a stroke caused by a blood clot. 1979, source, Jimi was one of the greatest musicians of all time, and he was very much alive when he was shot in the head. Fortunately, his friends were able to perform Purple Haze at his funeral. 2011, The Purple One is the one source, Princes untimely death at age 57 was due to a drug overdose. He was also the lead singer of the band, The Revolution. 2016, source, Bowie, along with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, was known for his songwriting talents and his wild antics. He was also married to Iman and son of Imelda. 2011, source, Jobs was one of the key figures behind Apple Computer. He was also married, had one daughter and his company was sold to a company called NeXtOne. 1964, source, There is no evidence that Jimi Hendrix was influenced by James Dean while he was alive. However, Deans image did appear in James Dean: Rebel Without A Cause, where his image was used for the poster of the movie.

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celebrities that died at 27