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You might have seen them floating in your town or even the world wide web. They go by many names, but always have one thing in common; they are the cute little blue people. They are almost always seen playing or eating. If they do, do they really have free will. What the blue people are, we have no real idea. They are a common phenomenon, but what might they really be like. Are they really just figments of our imagination. Are they really just the creations of a mad scientist or even a spirit. Do they have a soul and are they really human. See more at: See more at: See more at: endoftext A new poll shows that a large majority of the public now thinks that marijuana should be legalized. That might come as news to the lawmakers who have been attempting to close the book on the subject since legalization was first mooted a decade ago. As this video points out, even some of the staunchest drug warriors in the United States have come around on marijuana. But if the public is warming up to the idea, why doesnt the federal government. Why is it still a crime to even possess one ounce of marijuana. Government has been waging a long-term drug war against the country since 1914. Since then it has been fighting a war on drugs that has resulted in the incarceration of an untold number of people. The federal War on Drugs was first launched by President Richard Nixon in 1971 after the Reefer Madness movie was released. The movie depicted the harmful effects of cannabis, and the government used that fear to pass the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The act put marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD and a number of other drugs into the same category as LSD and heroin. Since then, the government has continued to use the threat of prison time as a way to keep people.

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