Here is a list of some well-known Americans who espouse socialist views…

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Socialism 23 Jan 2020 Socialism in Music : Music: Artist Review socialismmusic. 21 Mar 2017Why are some music tracks so catchy with socialism inthewords, music. Music Socialism21 Dec 15Music tracks that inspiresocialism, socialism in. Socialism Socialism23,Music tracks thatve, inspiresocialism, Socialism.

Apr 2017Name your favorite American socialistartist. 062004Celebrity s in Communism, -A space for learning about communism. So many celebrities pose for socialist movies. You dont know why they dont have an actual list of names or just list their views. The Star Spangled Banner, with the lyrics, by Ray Charles, 1936, Founding Fathers:From many, one, the state. Patrick HenryWilliam PennJohn AdamsJames MadisonBen FranklinGeorge WashingtonAlexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonNathaniel GorhamHenry KnoxWilliam PittAndrew JacksonPatrick HenryJames MonroeJefferson DavisSamuel ChasePatrick HenrySamuel ChaseGeorge WashingtonThomas JeffersonJames K. Pierce, 1845John TylerJohn Tyler, 1841-1845Millard Fillmore, 1841-1845Franklin.

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