Here are twenty places in New York where we are most likely to spot …

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Both restaurants are both relatively priced, and both canmustwillcan save you money. You know you should be going to the Museums, but you know that youre probably going to meet the right person or some sort of celebrity at some museum that you shouldnt be at right now. You get to the museums and you look at all the things there and you look for the one with the most pictures of it and you look for something that says Musee in capital letters on it. You go to the Museums and you see that youre not going to have as much luck as you thought. You also see that most of the people there are also from all over, but you do not get any pictures like you thought you would. You also see that all the museums are in some sort of state of disarray and that it will probably take you a long time to find anything interesting. You find something interestingYou go to the Museums and you find something interesting, but unfortunately it looks like its going to be at a museum that you dont want to spend money at. You go to the Museums and you find that youre in some sort of museum hall of shame and that youll probably only find the most boring things there. You stop going to The MuseumsYou go to the Museums and you find out that the people who work at the museums are generally pretty nice to you, but they arent really going to be able to help you or give you anything that you need. Youre also not going to find anything at all interesting with a bunch of boring old pictures on the wall. Youre a little bit disappointed that you couldnt get out what you were hoping to get out of the museums, but you had a wonderful time and you dont really want to change your plans. You continue going to the Museums when you find an interesting.

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best place to see celebrities in nyc