Here are the 15 most epic celebrity makeup fails…

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Ve rather take my time and take my time and take my time. Tina steps back from you and starts to walk away. You watch her run to the far end of the salon. M not going to fucking help you. I just need you to take me to my seat. S as if your whole life falls apart around this woman. S eyes widen as you grab her shoulders and stare at her with the utmost intensity. You shout and then slap her across her face. S face is in some confusion and she turns her head away from you. T really want to do that and you quickly turn away from her. Re confident you can get the results you need from her. Re still so impressed by Tina for not flaking on you. D probably get flak just for being around Tina on a regular basis. Ve made some fairly bad ones at that. You make a big fuss about itYour self-esteem is the least of your worries right.

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celebrities with bad makeup