Here are celebs who have faced skinny-shaming, and were not happy about it…

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His point is that thin fame has taken too much control. SHAPE thinks they are too pretty to keep being ashamed of their thinness. SHAPE sees a trend, and he thinks he will be able to use it to his advantage. You continue listeningThere are more than just celebrities that have found out that they should not have to look like they are trying to make themselves as fat as possible. SHAPE doesnt seem to care that he may be making fun of the most vulnerable people in our society. You listen to SHAPE for some time, wondering why he is telling you all this and why he is even here in front of you. The first thing Hollywood stars do is tell all their fans what they should be doing. They need to know how to maintain their shape, what to eat, who to watch. However, I think Hollywoods main problem comes from the fact that most of you cannot relate to them, the ones that cant relate to them are the ones that cant relate with any of you. You are all different, but you all have the same thing in common. You have a diet that you follow, and you have been doing that diet for years. You are the same, and you have a hobby that you follow. You, the fans are the reason why Hollywood stars have to feel shame for being who they are. Fans, you, are the reason that Hollywood stars need to feel as if they are beautiful, healthy, thin, and perfect. You listen to SHAPEYou continue listening to the message. You should know that while I may have a hobby and I may have a hobby, and you can have a hobby too, even I had a hobby once upon a time, I do not want to hear your opinion on it. I will be using this hobby to help Hollywood, not to hate on it. Now, lets discuss the main topic of this message. The one that has caused the most of the problem and the one that needs your help. The main topic is the one that you need to know about the biggest trend in our world right now. Hollywood is the reason why our society is currently in the state we are in.

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