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You see a few celebrities who have committed suicide, because they finally took enough drugs that it became a problem. Some even die of diseases such as anorexia and bulimia. This is where you see a change in celebrities attitudes towards their bodies. You see a few celebrities who actually feel some type of way, but still have a desire and desire to be thin. You can even see a few celebrities who have managed to overcome their weight loss problems and even become healthy. And its not just on one side, most of their fans or friends have some type of eating disorder. Youre really surprised about what you see here, because this seems to be a pretty sick world. You can see an example of the thin-shaming on the left, where you see celebrities who have taken too much medication to help them get thinner. The people with the skinny bodies are actually complaining about this and saying how they cant be thin. You also see celebrities who have had problems with their health. A lot of people who have thin bodies arent always healthy and unhealthy at the same time. On the right, you see celebrities who have managed to be healthy despite their weight. Some of them even had health problems and they managed to overcome them; they have a positive attitude of themselves and their body. The only thing is, a lot of them are quite fat, so you also see celebrities on the right taking things too seriously. You also can see celebrities who cant have a healthy lifestyle because of some other issue in their life. They have had to stop working because of a mental or physical condition and theyre unable to manage their weight anymore. Their families and people around them also have taken more of an influence on them than they want. And thats when you see an example of the thin-shaming, where you see the celebrities on the left getting bullied by fans on the right for whatever reason. Its all because the celebrities are on the left, which means that theyre considered the thinner ones, and the celebrities on the right are considered to be the fat ones. The bottom line is this; the thin-shaming is a real thing and its affecting everyone. The most important thing here is that its damaging everybody, and nobody is exempt from it. You might think that you dont care about what people think, but the world and society has actually made you develop a sort of hate for people for a strange reason. You want to be skinny like them, but you have to learn that thin-shaming can hurt you a lot, and it can even kill youIts funny that you just saw celebrities who are.

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