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You wouldnt know what its like to struggle with mental health issues. You dont have an open and honest relationship with the issue. You dont speak out on what youre going through. You havent gone through what these celebrities have. You dont know what it is like to struggle through these issues day after day after day after day. You dont understand what it is like for them to think about killing themselves over the slightest thing. You dont know what its like to be afraid of the dark, to worry about missing your family, to feel like there is no reason to live. And because of that, because of your lack of knowledge, you dont care about them. You dont join them in their cause for change. S your own struggles that motivate you. If anything, you feel the need to prove to the rest of society that you can handle mental health issues. Re strong and can pull yourself out of this depression, this anxiety, this depression, this anxiety. Re a survivor, and thus not worthy of help when you need it. You are the reason they feel like they have to hide. You are the reason they have to pretend to be happy even when they arent. You are the reason why they are forced to be ashamed and fearful of the rest of the world. Ve probably been hiding out of shame all these years. You whisper to yourself as you finish up your tea. You pull your phone out of your pocket and get it back to send the text.

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