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Brad Pitt has been one of President Trumps biggest supporters throughout the election, and recently stated that he believes Trump won the election. I think on the Republican side, I think Trump won, but I also think the Democrats were trying too hard to be a little too idealistic. We actually have to be able to say, We can make America great again. Pitt went on to say that its a message that isnt being conveyed to millions of people. We dont have the strength of conviction that our forefathers had. Its not just Brad Pitt that supports President Trump though. There have been many high-profile figures that have supported the President through his actions. Am has been one of the most vocal figures in support of President Trump. In fact, hes tweeted in support of President Trump so much that his account has been suspended for harassing people. Jaden SmithJaden Smith has been very vocal about supporting President Trump, and has even traveled with the President and his family to meet with the Muslim community. Kanye WestKanye West is certainly one of the more popular music stars that has supported Trump. Last year during the election Kanye wrote a song called American Carnage about his support for Trump. Michael MooreMichael Moore is known for his scathing anti-Trump movies and documentaries, however hes been very vocal about the President and his policies. He wants to start a new world war. He wants to take away your entitlements. He wants to start World War III. A lot of people didnt take him seriously, because hes very, very thin skinned, and hell attack anyone, but the truth is: hes a fascist, and if he becomes President of the United States, its going to be an age of terror. Singer Katy PerryIt seems that Katy Perry has been one of the most vocal about her support of President Trump. I believe that this President is going to really make America great and hes not going to be met with resistance. And this isnt going to be like, Eh, he went to E.

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celebrities who support trump 2017