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HollywoodBible You say Theyre just richHollywoodBible: Yeah, Im trying to make a point. With him, I was just trying to find a laugh, and I think I succeeded for the longest time. But it wasnt until I found out he had billions of dollars that I realized I was really hurting him, and now, hes got a chip on his shoulder. You can go, but you better try to be funny. The next time you hear a politician or a talk-show host argue about the virtues of a particular immigration policy, think of all the people on this continent who have never known anything but the horrors of the present immigration policy. For example, consider all the illegal immigrants that have been and still are flooding into this country. The Washington Post reports:More illegals are coming into the United States than ever, posing a major challenge for Border Patrol officials as they struggle to keep up with the wave of people. Border Patrol agents have apprehended 1,821 people attempting to cross this fiscal year, up about 50 percent from last years total of 1,391. That represents a 15-percent increase from the same period last year and the highest pace of apprehensions in nearly a decade. Border Patrol apprehensions are up 56 percent from their peak in the early 2000s. The apprehensions are up, but the apprehensions are not due to increased levels of people trying to come here illegally, said U. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Daniel Hetlage. The Border Patrols Southwest border region has been experiencing a steady increase in tropical storms and winter storms, often moving quickly northward with the prevailing winds. That phenomenon, combined with winter weather patterns that have kept many border regions frigid this winter, have made it more difficult to cross the Rio Grande with a raft, Mr. Postal Service, USPS, will be raising its postage rates, with the increase happening on a sliding scale from the lowest 5 cents to as much as 7 cents. This move has long been expected, with the USPS saying it would do this, and its been.

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