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Its just too distracting, so you cant watch. You just stand silently in the corner, trying not to look at the women, trying not to look at the TV, and trying not to look at yourself. Whats wrong with you, why do you feel that way. Their obsession with you will eventually ruin you as they will always think about you. You will look in their eyes long after you have passed, remembering how they smiled at you while you were gone. Why do you feel so anxious about this. So what if every single one of them has a boyfriend. Why cant they just leave you be. Different than the rest of the people with your weight. Different than the others you grew up with. Different than the kids you played ball with. Different than the ones you used to have a crush on. The more you think about it, the harder it is to stay away from them. It was always going to be there when you were ready to accept it. For a long time you were prepared to accept your body, in the way it is. If you are not going to change, why not escape. You get a dogYou never really had a dog, but you had a lot of pets. One night when you were ten, you had the darkest thoughts of your life. You found your grandmothers cat buried in the backyard, dead of an overdose. It took a long time and a lot of crying to convince your grandmother to let you have it, but you did it. They were always there for you, even when you were in a bad mood. You could leave your door open a crack so that cats could curl up on the floor and you didnt even have to open up the door. As you grew older, you found yourself getting along with cats even more and they grew to love you too.

Article about Plus size female celebrities

plus size female celebrities