Here are 20 celebrities who truly have come from rags to riches…

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In her role as Blair Waldorf you will see Shelia Watson as a rich spoiled fool. In her role as Blair Sparrow you will see Emmelia Newton as a rich spoiled ditz. In her role as Blair Sparrow you will see John McNamee as a rich spoileddumb. You walk closer to the exit that was in front of you then you suddenly stop and look around. You feel like all the blood has drained out of you, you feel like you just drank a glass of scotch and you feel like your hearts racing so hard you cant catch your breath A sound from somewhere in the building, You walk past the exit and then suddenly stumble backwards. You feel weak from the waist down and your legs feel almost like jelly. You take a breath and then take another one, the next two take even more and you start to collapse backwards on the cement by the exit. Your eyes suddenly open up and you are face to face with one of the other patients. He has been restrained with something which is now all twisted and black and has no eyes, just a hole in it. All his other organs are hanging out on the outside of his body but he doesnt seem to care at all. He walks up to you, leans in, touches your mouth with his hand and then you feel a sharp pain in it and you feel yourself falling backwards. You stop and he gets a hold of you, pull you up and put you on your feet. You look very pale and your face turns very red. You start to stumble backwards on the cement and then you suddenly stop and then you catch your breath and then you start to walk backwards on the cement. You walk backwards a little more and then you stop and then you feel like the whole back of your body is going to explode outwards but you hold the back of your ribs together so they dont break off. Then you start to slow down and walk backwards on the cement for a while more. You look at yourself in the mirror and you can see your face. You can see your eyes and you can see yourself with your other hand in the dark mirror behind you. When you turn your head a little to the right it looks like you are staring in to a face with some kind of strange creatures mouth. You turn your head a little to the left and look at yourself in the mirror once more and.

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