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You dont lookThe world isnt perfect, I cant change it, I cant get all of it perfect. I dont have the willpower, or I wouldnt put up with all the bullshit that goes on around me. Im an optimist, I can see that things can still be better, but we are all limited by ourselves. You dont look at the posters anymore and head on out of the bus station. You start following the main streets that lead out of the city. This area isnt known for its signage, just buildings and a few people. You stop at a red light before it turns red and you start tapping on your phone. Zayn MalikYou look up, and the light is about to turn green. Its an hour later when you call the wrong number, and the next call is to a voicemail. Your fingers are sweating as you realize that youre not going home. The world is a lot darker and smaller than it was when you were an optimistic teenager. Your mothers boyfriend isnt taking you home. It is nearly nightfall when you finally get a hold of a cell phone, and dial the wrong number. The silence is excruciating as you try to figure out how to fix this, then you hear the voice on the other end of the line. The pain in your throat is almost unbearable, you want to scream, you want to cry, but you cant. You need to know if this is true or not, the pain cant be turned back. You continueThis isnt a test, you need to go home. Youre about to hang up the phone as a small feeling of elation wells.

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celebrities that are muslim