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To all from misspeltKassam sent 23 minutes ago I just added a bunchof celebs i didnt see. Ill go through them and add more as they get added. There are a lot of Muslim celebrities now, maybe the most muslim celebs in the world. I would make a shortlist, a bunch of different muslim personalities and actors, a shortlist of 10 to be put into a video series with you, but id like the entire community to vote. Ali Larter, born in Canada, was raised in Pakistan, has muslim beliefs, 2. Sarah Silverman, American, was a devout Christian until she got married, now she is a devout muslim and runs a website, her husband is a muslim as well and they have a daughter, they also appear together in a YouTube series 3. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Dutch, is a devout muslim and is a founder of the AHA Foundation, an organization dedicated to ending honor killings of women who have sex outside of marriage or who have out girls 4. Brie Larson, American actress, was raised in Missouri, now she is a devout muslim and is a star of the new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, her character has a crush on the protagonist 5. Naim, British, was born in Egypt, now she is a devout muslim and works as a human rights lawyer in London 6. Talia, American, was born in New Jersey, now she is a devout muslim and is a singer and songwriter from Nashville 7. Aisha, Egyptian, is a devout muslim and was a daughter of the prophet Mohammed; she married Mohammed in six months after she had been betrothed to him for 9 years; she is one of the few known muslim women to have married a man other than the one who is regarded as the prophet.

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