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You are now on Your way to Your goal. Fat-Stars – Your new weight Loss success. You look around and see that you are in a very nice room with new furniture. Then you look at your phone and there is no way you are going to be able to call anyone, so you decide to leave a message asking if Wendy would like to pick you up after class and she says YES. You then rush to your door and open it. Hi Mom, Wendy wanted to pick you up, she is about to leave to go to her new high school. You say and then you hurry to leave. You run to your car and open the door and rush out to the street. You then see that there really is no one there. You turn your car around and go back to your house. You wait until you get a response before you reply. You then sit to think about what you want to ask. You say My weight is what it isMy weight is what it is. It never made me happy, I was happy being a normal, ordinary, plain, homely girl. Then why did you start doing bodybuilding. Because I was unhappy, and there was nothing else to do to become happy. I was unhappy because I was not slim enough even before I started bodybuilding. But why did you give up. I would lose more than a pound a day for weeks and never gained it back. You reply No, but it can be exciting. T care what I am, I just want to be happy.

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celebrities that lost weight