Heidi Blair Montag, born Septem, is an American television …

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You know she was married to Hans Fredrik, a world-renowned film sound engineer. Today is about you and not those other people. As you enter, you see the group of people. The one that speaks first is a young man with dark hair and glasses and a very friendly face. He looks like a college student or maybe even a recent high school graduate. He then asks you two if you need help with anything. T have anyone to talk to about my new room yet. Ll get to know each other better today. Yeah, how about I just sit on the couch over there and you sit on the chair by the window. You say and motion for Heidi to do the same. You look at Heidi and then at the man and you quickly turn back to the man. T seen anyone like you before. The man says with a friendly smile and a little smile at the corners of his mouth. S right over there, I remember the room number. You say pointing to the desk with your name on it. The man moves a little closer to you and then finally asks. Sigh, I know its kinda random, but the last time I even heard of you was on the internet a couple years ago, and that was when you were asking me my height.

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celebrities from colorado